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Union Maritime is dedicated to delivering focused and comprehensive coverage to our clients. Providing solutions and ensuring rapid response to their needs is our obligation as a service provider. We take that obligation very seriously.

We have established a series of associated companies and services that compliment our core operation. Our commercial team is staffed with professionals who have extensive ship operation backgrounds and are available 24 hours a day to ensure that we deliver cargoes safely and effectively.


Our group of inter-related companies provide fully integrated logistics services for our clients focused Commercial Management, Technical Management, Marine Services and Technology.


The commercial management of our owned fleet, along with assets under management that are owned by third parties, have been consolidated under Union Commercial Services.

Established in 2016, Union Commercial Services provides comprehensive commercial management services to its clients. With a fleet of over 50 managed vessels, a chartering desk with international and extensive local expertise in West Africa and an Operations team with significant experience, UCS has repeatedly demonstrated to its global client-base its ability to provide quality service and exceptional results.


High quality, cost effective technical management is an essential component of our business model. We work closely with a selection of third party managers who are coordinated by our in house technical team. This allows us to benefit from the scale and global reach of the worlds leading third party managers while centralising governance and strategy. We have established two technical management companies within the group who also manage a number of our vessels.

Virono Union Maritime is a joint venture between Union Maritime and the founders of Cass Technava & Technava. Technava SA was founded in 1968 and is one of the leading companies worldwide in the supply, installation, and service of equipment on board all types of ships. Cass Technava provides services as a Greek-Asian shipbrokering venture in Greece, specialising in New Buildings, Sale & Purchase, Drydocks, Conversions and Period Chartering.

All parties involved in Virono Union Maritime are committed to establishing an industry leading technical management offering by leveraging their shared expertise

Atlantas Group was established to improve safety and quality standards across our West African fleet by leveraging Union Maritime's infrastructure in West Africa, which was not available to third party managers.


We provide a range of maritime services through key partnerships

With over 40 years presence in West Africa we understand the value in having a large local team to support operations. Through Top Marine Services, who are exclusive agents to UML, we can pass this benefit on to our clients. TMS provides wide ranging on the ground support to our fleet as well as a local presence that safeguards our clients’ interests.

Union Maritime has the experience and ability to provide oil major approved ship-to-ship services via its affiliated companies. With a full range of support craft, well maintained fendering equipment and highly trained mooring masters Union Maritime’s ship-to-ship capabilities further enhance its unique position of being able to provide bespoke services to its valued clients.

Mindful of the importance of protecting its people and the needs of its clients, Union Maritime has developed extensive security expertise in Nigeria. With a retired rear admiral of the Nigerian navy among the team, Union Maritime ensures that there are people and systems in place to identify, mitigate and assess security risks which arise from operations in West Africa, both ashore and afloat.

Union Maritime additionally provides comprehensive security reports and supplementary solutions which enable secure operations in the region.